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St. Oldcastle Mods
26 March 2010 @ 11:49 pm

This is a calendar of all officially scheduled events and plots, including mod-run and player-run plots. It will be updated as necessary with links to plotting posts in the OOC comm.

To get a plot added to the calendar, please comment with a link to the OOC plotting post.

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Regularly Scheduled Event
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Regularly Scheduled Event
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St. Oldcastle Mods
22 November 2009 @ 05:51 pm

Your choice is simple:
make a new life for yourself in a remote Victorian landscape,
or venture out into the wilderness on a perilous quest to find the way home.

St. Oldcastle is a community-based multifandom rpg set in late Victorian England.
You wake up in a deserted town with only the clothes on your back.
Leave the town, and you'll quickly find that the wilderness outside
isn't Victorian at all: it's populated with creatures and beings
from a time long, long ago: a time when Celtic myths were all true.

We currently have a range of fandoms represented, including
Inglourious Basterds, Psycho, The X-Files, and
Zoolander. Apps and reserves are both open.

Main || Logs || OOC
Rules || FAQ || Premise || Taken || Reserves || Application

A simple choice.
Begin a new life, far away from everything you've ever known,
or venture into the wilderness in search of a way home.

Welcome to St. Oldcastle. A fresh start for some, a horrible ordeal for others. You've awakened in a small fortified town with nothing but the clothes on your back. The year is 1899. At least, it's 1899 inside the town. Outside, the wilderness is teeming with creatures that haven't been seen since before recorded history: creatures known to us today as Celtic myths. You can leave, if you think you can find a way home. Or you can stay in the relative safety of the town and make a new life for yourself.

St. Oldcastle is a community-based multifandom rpg set in late Victorian England with inspiration drawn from Celtic mythology. Applications and reservations are currently open.

Main Community || Logs Community || OOC Community
Rules || FAQ || Premise || Taken || Reserves || Application

Please contact the mods with any questions at stoldcastlemods [at] gmail [dot] com.

St. Oldcastle Mods
15 November 2009 @ 04:32 pm


If you need to go on hiatus for more than a week, please comment here, and please be as specific about dates as possible.

Character Name || journal
      ↳ dd/mm/yy - dd/mm/yy


What constitutes inactivity? You must update with a journal post (with 15+ comments responded to) or a log entry (with 10+ comments responded to) TWICE PER MONTH every month for each character. If your character is significantly active in other people's journal entries, that can count as activity as well.

Once your character is placed on this list, you will receive an email and one week from the date listed to either officially go on hiatus or reclaim the character, or that character will be dropped from the game.

Character Name || journal
      ↳ dd/mm/yy
St. Oldcastle Mods
14 November 2009 @ 05:02 am

If you have a question, concern, or complaint to raise, you can do it here, or contact the mods at stoldcastlemods [at] gmail [dot] com. You are also welcome to contact us individually via AIM or email. A general question about the game can be left here, though if you think others would benefit from the answer, it might be better to leave it over at the FAQ.

Keep in mind, this is not a place to wank and badmouth players behind their back. If you have a valid concern with another player, please try discussing it with them. If the problem cannot be resolved after a genuine attempt at discussion, that's when you bring it to us.

COMMENTS ARE SCREENED. ANON POSTING IS ENABLED. IP address logging is on. We will only trace IP addresses if we feel someone is threatening another player.


Email: lackofsatin [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM: lackofsatin

Email: serpent82o [at] gmail [dot] com
St. Oldcastle Mods
14 November 2009 @ 04:51 am

If you need an NPC in your thread, please fill out the form and comment here and the mods will give you one asap. You're welcome to request a specific creature, but if you'd rather be surprised, just leave that blank and we'll decide for you.

You can learn all about the various creatures here.

St. Oldcastle Mods
14 November 2009 @ 04:46 am

If you have any particular suggestions or concerns for how the game could be more interesting/more fun/run better, or specific suggestions for events, please leave them here.

Because we want to encourage a dialogue between not only the players and the mods, but between players, comments will not be screened so other people can read your suggestions and respond with their own ideas. If you have a concern that you'd like to take up with the mods in private, please email us at stoldcastlemods [at] gmail [dot] com, contact us on AIM, or make use of the Mod Contact Post.

For event suggestions, please fill out the following form and comment here:

For game suggestions, there are a couple rules to keep in mind:

1 ||   No personal attacks. This is a place for constructive criticism. Don't be rude, and please show respect for your mods and your fellow players.

2 ||   One suggestion per comment. This is so each concern can be addressed individually and to keep things organized. Obviously, if your concern or suggestion is convoluted and/or has many parts, you can take up as much space as you need to explain it fully. But for a separate suggestion, make a separate comment.

3 ||   We can't accommodate everyone. Unfortunately, just because you comment here doesn't mean your concern is going to be addressed quickly, if at all. The realities of having many people in a game is that we can't please them all. Don't take it personally! If for some reason we disagree or can't accommodate you, we will always give a thorough explanation as to why.

We will do our best to respond quickly, and to give each concern or suggestion due consideration.

With that in mind, please copy/paste the following form:

St. Oldcastle Mods
14 November 2009 @ 04:39 am


1 ||   How does posting work here?

First-person journal entries go in the main community: stoldcastle.

The default setting for every character's journal is public, meaning anyone can read it. If you want to filter it to specific people so that only they can read it, write something like [ filtered to Character X, Character Y, and Character Z ], or [ private to Character A ]. For a private journal entry that only your character can see, note that it's private either in the subject line or in an ooc note at the top of the post.

Journal entries default to TEXT. This means that characters will have to handwrite their entries. In text function, you can recognize handwriting, but there aren't any pictures, so you won't necessarily know who you're talking to.

You can note that it's a VOICE entry and describe the way your character sounds and other noises going on around them, in which case others will be able to recognize your character's voice, but will not have a clue as to what they look like. Anyone can use the text and voice functions.

VIDEO is a little harder to achieve, so if your character is tech-savvy or has awesome steampunk video skillz, you can do their journal entries like action spam, describing their movements, how they look, and so forth in brackets.

There is also a message board in front of the Town Hall in Aylesdale, for posters/flyers or announcements, which can be found at aylesdaleboard. Filtering, as well as voice and video functions, obviously don't work on the message board. You must be physically in Aylesdale to post or read anything on its message board.

Third-person narratives go in the log community: stoldcastlelogs. Generally, a log should have a header with the following information (or close to it):


Action spam/lazy logs/action posts/etc. are also an option. These are third-person, usually present tense, and a lot quicker and less in-depth than logs. They can be posted in the log community, in the main community as a journal post, or can go off a thread in a journal post.

For instance, a log might read:

Bob glared at Tom. There were a million reasons why he hated him, each pressing on his mind more urgently than the last. Rearing back, he aimed a punch at Tom's nose, shouting, "You bastard!"

while a spam might read:

[Bob aims a punch at Tom's nose.] You bastard!


Will it just affect you and a few other people and maybe a couple random bystanders? Great! Post about it in the OOC comm. This is important, because you never can be sure who plots will effect. So make sure to keep everyone on the same page.

Will it affect more than just the people in the near vicinity? Will it affect your entire Town, the entire world of the game? Will it leave a huge scarring impact on everyone ever? Still great! But in this case, you need ask a mod about it. Just run it by one of us on AIM, email us, or drop a comment in the Mod Contact Post or the Suggestions Post. Then, once you've talked it over with us, post to the OOC comm and go from there.

3 ||   I want to bring in a bunch of canonmates and circlejerk and pretend like this isn't a panfandom game :D Can I please?

No. Obviously, we all love canonmates, and there's no harm in getting a friend to join. But if we notice the same people threading together all the time in a massive circlejerking festival, we're going to step in. This is a multifandom game. Get your characters out there interacting with characters from other canons. If you want to bring in twenty canonmates, go make a single-fandom game of your own.

4 ||   How do I canon-update my character?

You post in the OOC comm that you intend to canon-update your character. No need to ask mod permission, just go ahead and do it! Your character disappears for at least two days. A canon-update can last as long as a hiatus: two months. If you don't bring the character back after this point, we'll consider them dropped. Your character won't have any idea they're going home, so unfortunately they can't let loved ones know they'll be back. Once they return, you can either give them amnesia, in which case they'll have partial or no memories of their previous time in St. Oldcastle. Amnesia is completely optional, however.

You can also canon-regress a character. This means taking them from an earlier point in canon rather than a later one. If you decide to do this, you'll have to completely reset your character and give them full-on amnesia. Again, no mod permission necessary.

We recommend only doing this when you're stuck with a character or there's some huge change for them in their canon, otherwise characters will be coming and going and nobody will know what's going on.

5 ||   What happens when I drop my character?

You have the option to choose whether you want to kill off your character permanently or simply have them vanish. If you decide to have them vanish, they won't know they're going, so unfortunately, they can't leave behind notes or mementos for their loved ones. If you decide to kill your character off, simply make sure to plot it out with anyone involved. You don't need mod permission to do any of this, just let us know if you need an NPC to slice your character in half or whatever you want. You also have the option to use any of the Omens/Bringers of Death and/or say your character's soul got stolen and carted off to the Otherworld. It's all up to you.


6 ||   Why are my character's powers reduced? How much do I have to reduce them?

We want to make sure that no one is walking around clobbering everything in sight. There will probably be fighting here - if not with other characters, then with the various creatures that roam around. Everyone doesn't need to be on equal footing, but everyone should have a fighting chance.

As for how much you should reduce them, keep in mind that "normal" or non-superpowered people need to have a chance. Can your character insta-kill everything in sight? That needs to be greatly reduced, if not taken away completely. A defensive or passive power, like telepathy or regeneration should also be reduced. The mods are happy to discuss this on a case-by-case basis. Just keep in mind when posting your app to be as specific as possible, both about your character's powers and how you intend to reduce them.

Vampires will still be vampires, werewolves will still be werewolves, other supernatural creatures will still be whatever species they happen to be, they simply won't be as powerful as they were at home.

7 ||   Non-humans have to look humanish? What's that all about?

All non-human characters must be shape-shifted so that they can reasonably pass as human.

This means that talking lions, frogs, Brian from Family Guy, etc. need to become human. They will, of course, be confused by the change and not be entirely sure how to function in their human body. You can decide whether you want to choose a human PB for them.

Humanoids with obvious non-human characteristics, like Lorne from Angel (who has bright green skin and red horns) or the three-feet-tall Hobbits from Lord of the Rings, are okay as is. As long as your character is human-shaped or becomes human-shaped, you're okay.

8 ||   My character doesn't speak English! How will they communicate?

Everybody magically wakes up knowing English! This is in addition to their native language and whatever other languages they speak, and we'll leave it up to player discretion how fluent they are and whether or not they understand slang, have an accent, etc.

9 ||   My character has to eat! Vampires have to drink blood! But I don't want to deal with farming and all that stuff, so how do they get food?

Food magically appears in the general store at the beginning every month. Neither town is too big, so no matter where you take up residence it won't be much of a walk. Supplies will be enough for everyone in town, so while you can't have a feast every night, you shouldn't have to go out scavenging and hunting and planting crops if you use the food wisely. The alcohol in the tavern in Aylesdale automatically restocks itself every month.

Vampires, you're on your own. But if you want to drink blood from any of the creepy crawlies wandering around instead of your fellow characters, some of it might have weird effects so run it by a mod. There's some blood in the butcher shops and the doctors' offices that will replenish itself monthly, if you'd prefer animal blood or slightly stale human blood. It's all up to your vampire's particular tastes.

10 ||   Speaking of vampires, some of them burst into flames in the daylight :C

Then they should probably stay indoors during the daytime. The sunlight here will have the same effect on vampires that it does in their world.

11 ||   I love shooting things up! What can my character do about weapons?

Any weapons you had with you will be gone when you wake up. And weapons aren't growing on trees, folks.

The breakdown of guns per town is as follows:

    1 .577 Snider-Enfield Rifle [reference pic] in a warehouse.
    1 Beaumont-Adams Revolver [reference pic] in the tavern.
    1 Borchardt C-93 Pistol [reference pic] in an upperclass home.
    1 Enfield Mk II Revolver [reference pic] in the locksmith's shop.
    3 Webley "Metropolitan Police" Revolver [reference pic] in the police station.

Kingswood Foss
    1 12 Gauge Boswell Shotgun [reference pic] in the farmhouse.
    1 Beaumont-Adams Revolver [reference pic] in an upperclass house.
    1 British Bulldog Revolver [reference pic] in the Mayor's desk.

There are two rounds per gun that are replaced monthly. There are ten bullets each for the rifle and the shotgun, also replaced monthly. For more detailed information on the guns, visit the world/premise page.

If you'd like your character to find a gun lying around somewhere, run it by the mods. We will only say no if they've all already been claimed. This, of course, doesn't mean you can't steal a gun from someone else, but that should be worked out ICly or between the players.

Knives, hammers, and other makeshift weapons are much easier to come by, and you don't need to ask the mods if you want to have your character find a kitchen knife or a pitchfork or something else to use as a weapon.

There are swords and axes in the smithy, and if your character knows how? They can make more!

If your character is just that fabulous that they can build modern weapons? Go for it! But if it's something massive like a bazooka, be sure to ask the mods. Someone who can easily kill a bunch of people is no fun.


12 ||   Twins/multiple PBs/fourth-walling. How do those meta-type things work?

Twins happen when there are two characters in the game played by the same actor (ie. Han Solo and Indiana Jones). If and when this happens, characters are likely to notice that the two characters look and sound a lot alike, maybe even mistake them for each other. Twins will almost certainly happen. Just have your characters react ICly.

As for fourth-walling, there is a permissions post that everyone should make sure to visit, both to give permissions for their characters and to check other people's permissions. Always make sure to check there before having your character recognize someone. Again, this will probably happen, just be sure to keep it IC.

13 ||   You have ten tons of creatures running around. Am I going to spend all my time being harassed by these things?

No! Absolutely not. The creatures are there for if and when players want to interact with them. If you stay inside the town walls, it's unlikely you'll ever see a creature. But should you venture out into the wilderness and want to battle some horrible thing or get three wishes or tame giant birds to attack your enemies with? We want you to have that option. The numbers of creatures may make it seem like we expect there to be constant run-ins with these things, but we really don't, we just want there to be plenty of things to choose from when you do want to thread with a creature.

14 ||   Speaking of these creatures, they look mean and libel to kill my character! What happens when people die?

If your character dies, they wake up in the morgue of their original town (check the town pages for lists of who's assigned where). For up to a week after death, they will experience headaches, nausea, dizziness, and phantom pains. The type and severity of what they experience depends on how they died. Someone who got shot in the head is likely to have bad headaches and dizziness for five or six days, while someone who was set on fire, drawn, hanged, and quartered will probably have every symptom in the book for a full week.

15 ||   Still on the creatures, a lot of them seem like they steal souls and take them to the underworld. Is there an underworld? If my character's soul gets stolen, what am I supposed to do?

Right now, no, there's no underworld that people can access. These soul-stealing creatures are there to be used for spooky effect or not at all. If someone decides to kill their character permanently, they can say the character's soul was stolen, but if you want to kill your character temporarily, it's best not to get the soul-stealing monsters involved.

16 ||   Separate towns? Really? Doesn't that mean I won't be able to interact with half the people in the game?

Not at all! Your character will be assigned to one town or the other, and that's the morgue they'll wake up in if they die. But as long as they stay alive, they can move between towns - keeping in mind the creepy-crawlies outside. Also, journal entries can be read by anyone in the game (unless filtered specifically to the people of one town or another). The towns exist to expand the world, and to give people motivations to move around and allow them to react in different ways than they might if they were all stuck in the same place together.

As long as the game stays small, people will only be appearing in Aylesdale, to keep the game a little more contained, though characters can still travel to Kingswood Foss.

17 ||   Exactly how big are the towns? How big is the world?

Neither is very big. You could walk all the way across Aylesdale in a few hours at a leisurely pace, and while exploring all the nooks and crannies could take quite some time, you could get a decent idea of where everything is in about a day.

Kingswood Foss is even smaller: you could walk across it in an hour or two and explore almost every detail of it in a day if you were industrious about it.

It takes roughly a day to walk from one town to another if you're not hurrying too fast. Seven or eight hours if you are in a rush. It takes about a week, give or take a couple days, to travel from one town to the wall, and about two weeks to travel from the northern wall to the southern wall (or vice-versa).

Do you have a question that you'd like to see answered? Leave a comment here and we'll get back to you ASAP!

last updated: 02/11/10
St. Oldcastle Mods
14 November 2009 @ 04:36 am


Beithir ||   The beithir are large, shuffling beasts characterized by their massive tails and their affinity for human weaponry: specifically, two long scythes that they use to cut down their prey. Their hides are very thick, but if someone with a sharp enough weapon and enough persistence manages to avoid the scythes, the beithir can be killed.

Buggane ||   These small, hideous creatures are spirits sent to punish those who have trespassed against nature. They are covered in black, gnarled hair, and have huge claws and tusks. Their home is in ruins or under waterfalls, but they can easily dig through the earth like moles. They are also capable of great feats of strength, but cannot cross moving water or stand on hallowed ground. Though fast and hard to catch, the buggane can be slain with one hard blow.


Adar Llwch Gwin ||   Giant birds of prey, about the size of a small horse, capable of ripping a person to shreds with their talons and beaks. They understand human speech and can be brought under the control of whoever has the strength of will to become their master.

Cliodhna's Birds ||   If you are injured and meet these birds in the forest, you're in luck. They'll lull you to sleep with their magical song, and in your sleep their song will heal all your wounds.


Aillen ||   This fire-breathing creature dwells in caves and lures passersby to sleep with its magical song. But once asleep, it will burn them to death. Though large and fast, it can be slain by someone with a gun, a strong enough crossbow, or a sword.

Yan-gant-y-tan ||   A wiry old troll who carries five candles on the five fingers of his right hand, Yan-gant-y-tan uses his light show to lead travelers astray into dangerous caves or marshes. But if he's feeling generous, he may instead give his five candles to a traveler whose own light has become extinguished. He himself is not harmful - it's where he leads you that's bad. He is very fast and hard to catch.


Afanc ||   A great sea-serpent, similar to the Loch Ness Monster. It lurks in the ocean waiting for passing ships, but might be tempted to come into the docks of Aylesdale if it gets hungry enough. It is massive and very difficult to kill.

Alp-luachra ||   Any who fall asleep near water should be wary of this little sprite. It will spring from the water and pry its way into the sleeper's mouth, devouring them from the inside-out. They can be killed with salt.

Bloody Bones ||   Bloody Bones (or "Rawhead," as he is sometimes known) is a frightening Santa Claus figure, who lives in or near water. He is horrific to look upon: rotten strips of flesh hanging from bloody bones, claws and sharpened teeth like a wolf, and burning red eyes. If he judges you to be a good person, he will leave you alone or even reward you with something to aid you. But if he judges you to be bad, he will snatch you and try to drag you down to the depths of the water to drown you. Almost impossible to kill, your best bet is to run away when you see him unless you're sure that you've been good.

Iannic-ann-ôd ||   Said to be the lost souls of the drowned, these spirits haunt shorelines crying mournfully. Should you choose to leave them alone, they will do the same for you. But if you respond to their calls three times, they will approach you silently and invisibly and break your neck. They cannot be killed, and though they are capable of leaping great distances, they can be outrun or outwitted.

Merrow ||   Similar to the sirens of Greek mythology, these beautiful women - human from the waist up and fish from the waist down - lure people with their gorgeous song. But once within their reach, they'll tear you to pieces with their bare hands. Only the best of warriors will be able to kill them, and only then if they are somehow able to overcome the merrow's song.

Shellycoats ||   These water spirits wear coats made of shells, and the rattling is heard long before they are seen. They are not harmful, but rather they enjoy playing pranks: they delight in lurking by rivers and mimicking the cries of drowning men, then laughing at anyone who comes to help. They can be killed fairly easily.

Water Leaper ||   These frog-shaped creatures have no legs, instead using bat wings to propel themselves around the water. They also have a scorpion-like stinger at the end of their long tail. They are slow and cumbersome, but the stinger is deadly and they can crush you with their huge weight. The eyes and belly are their weak spots.


Assassin Vine ||   Thick vines that wait to entrap the unwary traveller. If you find yourself trapped by this vicious plant, act fast. It can constrict so tightly that you won't be able to breathe and tear you limb from limb. Luckily, it's just a plant and can be hacked to pieces.

Fideal ||   These entangling bog grasses and water weeds look just like any other fresh-water plants, but they'll snare you and trap you, suffocating you or pulling you beneath the water to drown. Like the assassin vine, the fideal can be cut apart.


Abhartach ||   These vampiric creatures are small in stature but preternaturally strong. They seek to drain the blood of whatever living thing they encounter, and can only be slain by a wooden sword through the heart, burying them upside-down, and placing a large stone on the grave.

Cauldron Warriors ||   These are men who have been slain and placed in the Cauldron of Rebirth. They emerge mute and zombie-like, incapable of speech and bent only on swelling their numbers. Though they were once human, they do not tire, and if they feel pain they cannot make any sounds to express it. The only way to kill them is by chopping off their head. If they catch you, they will bring you to the Cauldron, to kill you and place you inside, turning you into one of them. Anyone who possesses the Cauldron can command them, but only they know where it is and obviously they're not telling.

Fear Gorta ||   If you see an emaciated old man begging for alms by a roadway, it is almost certainly one of these spirits of famine. Be generous with it and it will grant you good luck for up to a week, but if you spurn it, it will curse you, and you will slowly wither away from hunger - no matter how much you eat, you will starve to death within a few days. The only way to lift the curse is to find and kill the fear gorta that cast it on you.

Les Lavandières ||   Three old washerwomen who wash and wring out the bloodstained clothes of those who are soon to be dead. It is best to avoid being seen by them altogether, but if you are spotted, you are compelled to help wring out the clothes. If you wring them in the correct direction, they will grant you three wishes. But if you wring them in the wrong direction, your body will be pulled apart and you'll be instantly killed.


Badb ||   These goddesses of the battlefield can sometimes take the form of a crow or wolf. They possess people and fill them with rage, turning them against their companions. The only way to stop someone possessed is to slay the Badb or to keep the possessed under control long enough to get them far enough away from the Badb that her influence will fade.

Baobhan Sith ||   Vampiric succubi, these young women approach men and seduce them with their incomprehensible beauty. When the men are in their thrall, they tear them apart and drain their blood. The only way to ward them off is with iron, and they are driven away by sunlight.

La Belle Dame Sans Merci ||   A beautiful and ethereal young woman haunts the forest, and any man of weak will is sure to fall under her spell. She entraps men in a lovely dreamworld from which they don't want to wake - the things they love most, all idealized in the fantasy world she creates for them. Unless awakened, they will sleep there forever. She cannot be killed - it is rare even to see her - but her spell can be broken simply by waking up the possessed man as though from a normal dream, keeping in mind that he really won't want to wake up.

Cat Sìth ||   These are large, spectral cats, black with a white patch on their chests, which can be the size of a large dog. Legend has it that these are witches' familiars, or even witches themselves trapped in feline form. They are capable of reaching into a person's mind and discovering what frightens them, filling their head with images of their fears. In spite of their size and sharp claws and teeth, they can be killed like any other cat.

Glashtyn ||   Shapeshifters that can take the form of a fine horse or a handsome young man, these incubi can use their horse form to persuade a man to mount them or seduce women in their human form. If the glashtyn so much as smells a body of water, his skin will become adhesive - no matter which form he's in - and he'll drag their victim to the deepest part of the nearest body of water, where he'll drown and devour them. In human form, they can be recognized by their pointy, horse-like ears. In horse form, their mane and tail resemble wet weeds. They can be warded off by iron and killed like any other horse or man.

Gancanagh ||   These handsome young men can be recognized by the clay pipes they carry but never smoke. They seduce young women, but their skin contains a toxin that they can pass on through simple touch. Once their victim is selected, she becomes addicted to him, and when he inevitably leaves, she usually dies from pining for him. Unlike most spirits, the gancanagh can speak and interact as though he were a normal human, and unless you recognize their clay pipe, you won't know they're not human until it's too late. Like the glashtyn, they can be killed like a normal human, but there is no antidote for their toxin. The victim has to be carefully watched and forced to eat and sleep until it's out of her system.


Ankou ||   These creatures are skeletal servants of death, collecting the souls of the living. One touch of an ankou's hand and your soul is taken to the underworld. They cannot be killed or warded off. Fortunately, they're very rare.

Banshee/Bean Sidhe ||   Banshees can appear in the form of a withered hag or a beautiful young woman. While they cause no harm themselves, their eerie wail signals the impending death of someone close by.

Black Dog ||   As the name implies, these creatures are huge black hounds, nearly the size of a horse. The mere presence of a black dog is an omen of impending death. They usually appear at crossroads or places of execution. Sometimes it can be a benevolent guardian, guiding a traveller to safety, and sometimes it can be a ferocious killer. It all depends on which one you run into.

Cŵn Annwn ||   These are the hellhounds of Arawn, Lord of Annwn, who hunt any humans they catch scent of to drag their souls down to the Underworld. They are large, spectral dogs, with red eyes and enormous teeth. Though they can be killed, it is very difficult to do so. It is nearly impossible to outrun them. If you become their prey, you can outfox them by crossing water or you can climb a tree until they lose interest in you.

Dullahan ||   These predecessors to Sleepy Hollows' Headless Horseman are headless men riding a black horse. They light their way with a candle in a human skull and use a whip made of a human spine. Each one carries its own head under one arm. If you stand in its way, it will splash blood on you - an omen that you will die soon - or whip out your eyes. When it stops riding and calls out a name, that person immediately drops dead. There is no way to kill or stop a dullahan, but even a tiny amount of gold will drive it away.

Sluagh ||   The souls of sinners are said to roam the earth restlessly, looking for other sinners' souls to add to their ranks or even innocent souls to kidnap. If you're dying, watch out lest these spirits creep up on you and steal your soul away. If someone is dying, make sure to lay iron out to the west to ward them off.
St. Oldcastle Mods
14 November 2009 @ 04:35 am


Map of Aylesdale

The coastal town of Aylesdale was clearly a center of business. While still a small town, it functioned as a port, trading goods from Ireland and Wales, and shipping them inland to major economic centers like London. The beautiful sandy beaches are enticing, but like the other town in the region, Kingswood Foss, Aylesdale has high walls built around it to protect the denizens from the creatures that lurk in the sea and in the forest nearby. But no walls were built around the docks, which remain open to the water and whatever might be lurking there.

For a list of residents, visit the Aylesdale page.


Business District ||   Across the square from Town Hall is the business district, a bustling center for locals and any tourists or sailors who might be passing through. There is a general store for groceries and other household items, a doctor's office, a small morgue behind the doctor's office, a tailor shop, a shoe shop, a private lawyer, a butchery, a locksmith, and a sewing shop. In the locksmith's shop is an Enfield Mk II Revolver [reference pic].

There are also a few small personal shops where townspeople sell art, carvings, antiques, etc. to travelers passing through.

A few of the shops have small apartments over them, mostly two-room apartments, though above the doctor's office here are several bedrooms, as this apartment would be used for convalescing patients.

There is also a nice restaurant with large windows overlooking the Town Square. There is a sign outside which labels it Resaurant Sur Le Vert (literally: restaurant on the green).

From plaques on the doors or ledgers found in drawers, one could figure out the names of the store owners:
General Store Owner: Walter Adams
Doctor: Roger Lower
Tailor: Mark Griggs
Cobbler: Mordecai Wakefield
Lawyer: Timothy Wickes & Sons
Butcher: Joseph Younger
Locksmith: John Roughley
Seamstress: Grace Brewer

Other surnames in the ledgers include Stanbury, Sheills, Down, Rowe, Mast, Gedge, Aubin, and Forge.

Church ||   The church is a large wooden building, whitewashed with a simple steeple and a few stained-glass windows. The inside looks like your average church, filled with pews with an altar at the front. A Bible lies on the altar, and there are a couple candles as well, which are burned down to stumps.

The vicar lives in a well-kept two-room home next to the church. It's very tidy inside. He collected ceramic statuettes, so there are quite a few cases of them against the walls in the front room.

Dance Hall/Brothel ||   On the seedier side of the business district, close to the warehouses, there's a little dance hall/brothel with a little sign outside labeling it The Cherry Box. Inside is a small stage, various tables, a little piano, and lots of back rooms. Aylesdale's one nod to the horror genre is a skeleton of a dead prostitute in one of the back rooms. It is dressed provocatively.

Docks & Warehouses ||   There are only three docks, all empty. There are mooring ropes wrapped around poles, but no boats anywhere to be seen.

By the docks are three large warehouses. The first is completely empty, the second has a few small piles of dynamite under tarps, and the third has an automobile under a tarp. The automobile has a full tank of petrol, but it's broken down and would take a good mechanic to get it going again. Somewhere in the third warehouse, under a pile of tarps, is a .577 Snider-Enfield Rifle [reference pic].

Lower-Class District ||   While there are no real "upper" and "lower" classes, especially compared with the rest of the country, there are distinctions between laborers, shopkeepers, tradesmen, dockworkers and the like, and those with government jobs or higher levels of education. The former class lives in houses or tenement buildings close to the docks and the train station. There are two or three small apartments one on top of the other in each building, and there are one or two detached houses, with only two or three rooms each. They have gas lighting or candles and nothing much in the way of good supplies or comfortable bedding.

Mansion ||   By the wall in the upper-class district is a decent-sized mansion. There are several bedrooms, a ballroom, a large kitchen and dining room, a sitting room, and outside there is a large yard with a garden and a pond. By most standards it would simply be considered a large house, but in a small town like Ayesdale, only the richest of the rich would have lived here, and the possessions you'll find inside reflect that.

Police Station ||   Right on the town square on the edge of the business district is a small police station. There's an outer room with a couple desks for the officers. The chief has his own hole-in-the-wall office behind a glass door. Off the main room is a holding area with three empty jail cells. Each officer and the chief has a Webley "Metropolitan Police" Revolver [reference pic] in his desk.

A small plaque on the chief's desk identifies him as Chief Constable Levi Lynch

Post Office ||   The post office has an outer room with woven ropes to indicate where the line should stand. Behind the desk is a chair for the postman, with various writing implements, a drawer of stamps, and a cash box, full of money.

A door next to the desk leads to the sorting room, which is full of unopened letters and parcels.

Just off the sorting room is a door leading to the postmaster's office. It's as cluttered as the sorting room, full of letters, papers, and boxes.

Another door leads from the sorting room to the loading dock, where letters would be placed on a cart to be taken to the train station or the docks. There is a rickety cart there, but no horse to pull it.

Schoolhouse ||   The schoolhouse of Aylesdale is a two-room building. A hallway separates the two rooms.

The room on the left is for younger students. A chalkboard is at the front of the room, behind the teacher's desk. The room is lined with benches for the students to sit at.

On the right is the room for the older students. These are teenagers, mostly boys, and because there are fewer of them they get their own desks. It is almost identical to the classroom for the younger children, with a desk and a chalkboard at the head of the room.

Tavern ||   Next to the brothel is a little tavern. The painted sign outside shows a picture of a white lion lying down and the words The Pale Lion. On the ground floor is a small kitchen and bar, fully stocked with alcohol, with several wooden tables and chairs scattered around the floor. A stairway leads up to the top floor, where there are several bedrooms of varying sizes. None of them could really be called "spacious," however. Under the bar is a large cudgel and a Beaumont-Adams Revolver [reference pic].

There's a note that reads, "Henry and Nora Ashdown, proprietors"

Town Hall ||   This is the largest building in town aside from the warehouses, with a main room that can accommodate nearly everyone in town. The walls are lined with high windows, and at the front end is a dais with a podium for speakers. The floor is covered in benches that can be arranged for town meetings or put off to the side.

A small staircase leads up to the second floor and the offices. The front room is a waiting area with chairs for visitors and a desk for a secretary. The mayor and his aide each have their own office. The aide's office is little bigger than a closet, but the mayor's is spacious enough, and has windows overlooking the town square.

A small plaque on the mayor's desk identifies him as Mayor Owen Rennold.

Town Square ||   The town square of Aylesdale is a neatly maintained grassy area between two branches of the main street, in the midst of the Town Hall, the school, shops, and a few of the nicer houses. In the middle of the green is a single tree with a bench underneath, for anyone who wants to sit and observe the goings-on of the townspeople. It's the ideal spot for picnics or outdoor social gatherings.

Train Station ||   Behind the post office is the train station. There is a single platform, with a wooden wall and overhang to shield travelers from the rain. Against the wall is a single bench. The town name is painted in large white letters on the wall. Since it's the end of the line, the track stops right after the platform. The train itself is completely dead in the water, with nothing to power it. It's about four cars long, including the engine car, a car that was once full of coal for fuel, and two empty passenger cars.

Upper-Class District ||   Those with education or government standing live in the comparative "upper class" district, located away from the docks and the train station, on the inland side of town. Their houses have living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms all separate. A few of them are two-story. Several have small gardens with flowers as well as herbs or vegetables, and some of them even have small front or back yards. These houses are made from stone, some from nicer wood, and are in generally better repair than the houses in the lower-class district.

In one of the houses is a Borchardt C-93 Pistol [reference pic].


Map of Kingswood Foss

Located away from the shore in the foothills of the mountains, Kingswood Foss has all the appearances of a thriving artistic community. A beautiful mountain stream flows through the center of town, and the buildings, though small, speak to a love of culture and learning. Like the other town in the region, Aylesdale, Kingswood Foss has high walls to protect it from the creatures that lurk outside in the wilderness.

There are no current residents in Kingswood Foss. Everyone is welcome to visit, but until the game grows there won't be anyone appearing there.


Business District ||   Located just outside Kingswood Park, the business district is where to go for any needs one might have. There's a general store for food not available from local farmers, as well as various other household needs. Aside from the general store, there's a butcher shop, a doctor's office, a small morgue behind the doctor's office, a shoe repair shop, and a clothing shop for finer clothes that one wouldn't generally make oneself.

From ledgers found in drawers, on could figure out the names of the various store owners:
General Store Owner: Tom Strain
Butcher: Luke Urwin
Doctor: Roderick Kaylock
Cobbler: Eli Sinnett
Tailor: Julius Devitt

The ledgers aren't as well-kept as those in Aylesdale, since there are very few travelers through Kingswood Foss, everybody knows everybody else, and there's no real need to keep meticulous notes. But other surnames that might show up in the ledgers include: Beechworth, Blair, Stanbury, and Vinge.

Cemetery ||   Outside the town walls is a grassy hill that has been the site of the Kingswood Cemetary for hundreds of years. The graves date all the way back to the 1400's, though many of the older ones have been extremely worn by the elements, and many are cracked or completely overgrown. Parts of the cemetery, especially those with more recent grave sites, look like they were well-tended until recently, but some parts are extremely overgrown. There is one mausoleum near the very top of the hill, with the name Danvers written above the door. The site is scattered with tall trees, it overlooks the stream, and if one doesn't mind the spooky connotations it's actually quite a serene place.

Church ||   Other than the theater, the church is the best building in town. It's small as churches go, and made from stone with a single steeple. The windows are made of stained glass - no expense was spared. The inside looks like your average church, filled with pews with an altar at the front. A Bible lies on the altar, and there are a couple candles as well, which are burned down to stumps.

Beside the church is a small vicarage, made from stone and overgrown with ivy, where the vicar would live. It is full of books and manuscripts - the vicar here was clearly a man of learning.

Farm ||   Outside the city walls is a farm. It was clearly thriving - the pantries are bursting, there were horses, cows, chickens, and other livestock quartered in the stables and pens.

There is a barn, with a loft full of grain and empty stalls where there used to be horses. There are a wide variety of farming tools stored here.

The farmhouse is larger than the average house in the town, with a living room, kitchen, and a second story for the bedrooms. In the living room, mounted over the mantle, is a 12 Gauge Boswell Shotgun [reference pic], which has obviously been taken down and used regularly.

Kingswood Foss Lending Library ||   The lending library looks like a converted home, with three or four small rooms filled with bookcases. The books are in no particular order, except for being divided into fiction and non-fiction. There are maybe two thousand books all-told - a very impressive collection.

The fiction selection includes most of the prominent authors of the day, including the Bronte sisters, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Thomas Carlyle, Lewis Carroll, G.K. Chesterton, Mary Coleridge, Joseph Conrad, Charles Dickens, Benjamin Disraeli, Arthur Conan Doyle, George Eliot, Thomas Hardy, A.E. Housman, Thomas Hughes, Rudyard Kipling, Thomas Moore, Robert Lewis Stevenson, Bram Stoker, Alfred, Lord Tennyson, and Oscar Wilde.

The non-fiction selection has books on art, history, science, and etiquette, as well as a few stranger, older texts. Somewhere in here is a vague text on that Carghast place.

By the door is a desk where the librarian would sit.

Kingswood Park ||   Kingswood Foss' town square is more a park than a square: the beautiful Kingswood Park is a wooded, grassy area with a mountain stream flowing through the center and quaint wooden bridges. Quiet and serene, this is the perfect getaway for people looking to get some time to themselves.

Lower-Class District ||   Again, there are no real "lower" and "upper" classes, as everyone is in roughly the same income bracket. But there are still slight distinctions. Near the outer wall, close to the schoolhouse and the theater, lies the lower-class district. These houses have gas or candles, are only two or three rooms - one of them has only one room - and do not have much in the way of comfortable bedding or good supplies. The houses get poorer the closer to the wall you get. A few have flower-boxes in the window and nice drapes, but that's about as close to decor as they get. Some have small gardens for herbs or vegetables, and they generally have stone walkways. Most have evidence of dogs or cats living there. They're generally sturdy, most made from stone, but many are in need of some repair or another. Farm hands, carpenters, other menial laborers, shopkeepers, and tradesmen live here.

Schoolhouse ||   A typical one-room schoolhouse of the time, the floor is lined with benches at which boys and girls would sit and practice their letters or read their textbooks. At the front of the room is a desk for the schoolmaster to sit at.

Smithy ||   On the outskirts of town is a little smithy. There is plenty of steel and iron lying around, and the forge and bellows are fully functional. The walls are lined with horseshoes, hammers, tongs, chisels, and fullers (tools for making grooves). There are a few swords, axes, pitchforks, and other implements on benches and hung on the walls.

Town Hall ||   This is a small building, where the affairs of government take place and where town meetings occur. The main room is spacious and numerous benches are stacked against the walls, which can be cleared away or put out depending on what the room is being used for. There is a small stage, for speakers or dances.

Off the main room is an antechamber with a desk for a secretary and a few chairs for people to wait.

Behind a door is the Mayor's office, a fairly simple affair with a desk, one small bookshelf, and a picture of cattle on the wall.

A small plaque on the Mayor's desk identifies him as Mayor Calvin Akerman. Inside the desk is a British Bulldog Revolver [reference pic].

Upper-Class District ||   The comparative upper class lives on the other side of the theater. These houses have living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms all separate. A few of them are two-story. Several have small gardens with flowers as well as herbs or vegetables, and their stone walkways might be lined with flowers as well. Many have spacious backyards. These houses are also made from stone, some from nicer wood, and are in generally better repair than the houses in the lower-class district. People like the doctor, the mayor, people who work directly for the mayor, and the schoolmaster live there.

In one of the houses is a Beaumont-Adams Revolver [reference pic].

Victoria Theater ||   One of the nicest building in town, the theater is named for England's ruler, Queen Victoria. It has a fairly spacious stage, across the front of which are lamps lit by gas and a prompter's box. The wings are cluttered with scenery and props from previous shows, all rather makeshift-looking, nothing like the fine scenery that was to be found in London. The seats are all wooden benches - it was optional to bring your own pillow.


Map of the Surrounding Wilderness

Since the events that occurred in Aylesdale in the fall of 1898, the wilderness, which was once beautiful and drew many tourists, has become tangled, nearly impassable in places. And if you walk too far in any one direction, you'll come up against an invisible wall that's completely impenetrable by any physical or magical attack.

It's roughly a day's journey between the towns, and about a week from either town to one of the walls - two weeks from one wall to the parallel wall.


Coastline ||   Further north, the coast is rough and rocky, turning gentler south of Aylesdale. There are a few nice beaches just south of the town, but after the river delta, it becomes rough and rocky once more, and if you follow it all the way into the forest, it becomes a series of high cliffs.

Forest ||   Around Kingswood Foss and the lake area, the forest is gentle, and quite beautiful by daylight. But the further north and the further east you go, the thicker, tougher, and darker it gets. Deeper in the forest, there are fewer animals, much less sunlight, and a tangled web of roots and rocks that at times is almost impossible to make your way through. It's particularly bad right around the swamp.

Lakes & Rivers ||   There are two lakes and two rivers in the area. One river runs right through the center of Kingswood Foss, branching off as it leaves the mountain foothills, one branch ending in the Irish Sea and the other ending in a lake. The second lake is deeper in the forest, and the river has many more offshoots, one serving as the western border of the swamp. The river through Kingswood Foss is fairly small and tame, but the other is wider, deep, and swift, and there are several rapids and one small waterfall.

Mountainous Terrain ||   As you leave the coast behind, you enter the foothills of the mountains, and the further north you go, the higher and more treacherous the terrain gets. The mountains are riddled with valleys, crevices, and caves, all of which could be crawling with all number of strange creatures.

Swampy Area ||   To the east of the river lies a dangerous swamp. If you need to cross from west to east, it's best to follow the train tracks or you could become hopelessly lost. There are some solid areas - enough to pass through unharmed if you're careful and stick to right path - but many of the paths dead-end in quicksand.

Train Line ||   The train line runs roughly west to east from Aylesdale. It is in decent repair, though certain spots are worse than others. The track running through the swamp has been eaten away at and is starting to rust, and much of the wood is beginning to rot.


This town is referenced only in obscure texts as a center of magic. It's said that anyone who finds it can travel between worlds. Find Carghast, and you may be able to return home.